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Benny Williford: Relationship Builder. Loyal, Dedicated Partner. Respected Authority in Speaker Sourcing. Producing Successful Results for 20+ Years.

Experienced Consultant: Deep engagement and understanding of events industry
Efficiency: Saving you time, resources, and stress
Complimentary: At no cost to you, we will manage the entire speaker sourcing process.
Results Focused: Laser focused on your desired outcomes
Expert Guidance: Avoid costly, embarrassing mistakes and stay focused on your deliverables.
Objective Advice: Impartial recommendations with no speaker affiliations.
Personalized Service: Concierge-style. Reduced Anxiety.
Global Access: Extensive selection of Speakers and Entertainers
Customized Recommendations: Innovative Solutions tailored to your specific needs
Client-Centric: We’re loyal to YOU and genuinely care about your success. Client’s needs first.